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Sample Keynotes

Based on the work of James Kouzes and Barry Posner.  Learn the 10 key truths of leadership that have stood the test of time.

These truths work for both your personal and professional life.

The Ten Truths of Leadership
The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Based on over 30 years of research by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, learn how your leaders can become effective, create more engaged teams and achieve extraordinary results.

Living a Sparkling Life

Our lives should sparkle everyday!  Our lives - just like jewels- can become cloudy, lackluster and a little dim.  

Learn how to keep the sparkle twinkling in your life.

Life is Like a Pair of Shoes - 

You need to know which style to wear.

How is your life like a pair of shoes?  Is it flat, running out of control, or steady as oxfords?  There are many stages in our lives and we have to learn how to walk through them.  It takes a different 'sole' for each phase.

Leading Yourself While Leading Others

There are two paths to leadership, learning how to lead others and learning how to lead yourself. We need clear personal visions, values and philosophies, just as we do in business.  Discover how to live yourself, while leading others.

Elevating Your Personal Brand

How we show up everyday in our work speaks volumes about our brand. Is your brand opening or closing doors?

Everyone has a default brand, but the best people design their brand and continue to evolve their brand. Based on work by Tom Peters Company, LTD

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