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Three C's For Teams in Crisis Mode

1. Connect with your team and listen to their concerns. It is not about having all the answers, it is about showing empathy and concern. People want to have a voice and some sense of control. Being available, actively listening and asking great questions is a place to start. There are so many rumors, and misunderstanding hanging around, so ask people what they are hearing, so you can help set the record straight. Find out what people are most concerned about.

I have one client who is doing virtual lunch, where the team gets together virtually during lunch hour and talk about things unrelated to work. They do this to just connect with the team.

2. Communicate: Things are rapidly changing as business adapt and put in new processes and procedures to deal with the virus. Be sure to over communicate to the team and your customers so that they know where you stand and what you are doing. It is a good idea to repeat your message multiple times and in multiple ways. When people are stressed, they don't listen very well.

Communicating to the team on a more frequent, but shorter basis will help people stay connected and you can address any new issue someone may have.

3. Choose to be positive despite what is going on. If there is anything that needs to be contagious right now, it is a positive attitude. Let your positivity shine through in everything you do. Also, choose to control those things that you can and choose to let go of what is outside your control. Choose to do something kind for someone else, it will matter to them.

Choose to be flexible during this time. Everyone is navigating through something new and different. Choose to keep an element of fun where you can.

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